Weight Loss

No gimmicks, just guidance.  

Ft. Collins Weight Loss & Nutrition offers individualized and evidence-based weight loss coaching.  

If you are like many of our patients, you know how to eat but find it difficult to change ingrained habits. We clear up nutrition myths, help you differentiate between what has worked and will work moving forward and what hasn’t worked and will not work moving forward (read: stop spinning your wheels on diet strategies that don’t work!). We support your long-term success by teaching you to your body’s feedback, encouraging you to set reasonable goals, and guiding you in your emotional/psychological relationship with food.  

Speaking of habits, please understand that habits are built over a lifetime and don't change in a day. In a spirit of self-compassion, we experiment with new habits and celebrate accomplishments along the way. Our most successful patients commit to 12 weeks to see measurable, sustainable habit changes.  

Our nutritionists have extra trainings and certifications in wellness coaching and Intuitive Eating which enables them to gently guide you in sustained behavior change.

We bill your insurance on your behalf and offer out of network discounts to make support more affordable.