Total gut restoration ProGram



“All disease begins in the gut.” - Hippocrates

TGR can positively improve the following conditions:

Bolded are the most common complaints though we have treated every one. Which can you identify with?

Acne * Allergies * Antibiotic use (before, during, after) * Alzheimer’s Disease * Anxiety * Asthma * Arrhythmias * Autoimmune Disorders (i.e., Hashimoto’s) * Autism * Bloating * Candida Overgrowth * Cardiovascular Disease * Chronic Bacterial Vaginosis * Chronic Sinusitis * C. Difficile * Clotting disorders (fibrinolysis) * Colonoscopy (after) * Cravings * Crohn’s * Cystic Acne * Depression * Diabetes * Diarrhea * Dermatitis * Eating Disorders * Eczema * Fatigue * Fatty Liver Disease * Fecal Incontinence * Fertility * Fibromyalgia * Food Sensitivities * Gas * Hashimoto’s * High Blood Pressure * High Cholesterol * HPV * Hypogonadism (low testosterone or estrogen)* IBS - C * IBS-D * Indigestion * Inflammation * Interstitial Cystitis (correlated, not yet proven curative) * Keto (cleaning up after) * Leaky Gut * Low Vit A Status * Low Vitamin B status * Low Immunity * Lyme Disease * Metabolic Syndrome * Mood * Obesity * Osteoporosis * Parasites * Parkinson’s Disease * Psoriasis * Peripheral Artery Disease * PCOS * Rheumatoid Arthritis * SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth - needs an additional product for complete eradication) * SIFO (Small Intestine Fungal Overgrowth) needs an additional product for complete eradication) * Ulcerative Colitis * UTIs

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The Clinic’s Story:

There were two types of clients that we could never fully help — and this kept us up at night.

The first group had mild to severe gastrointestinal complains - anything from reflux to Crohn’s. We offered elimination diets like FODMAPS, Whole 30, and AIP; targeted digestive enzymes, probiotics and CBD. For the more extreme cases we offered expensive lab tests and supplements as indicated by the results. Most of our clients got 80% better as long as they continued the diet and protocol. But 80% wasn’t good enough for us or for them.

The second group were textbook clean eaters, disciplined exercisers, their hormones were clinically within normal limits, yet no matter what they did they couldn’t lose weight.

…until TGR.

We call this program a game changer. One by one we watched our clients have complete symptom resolution and improved metabolism without changing their lifestyle. It didn’t happen overnight but it was a measurable, foundational shift.

The results were so profound that we started rolling it out to our clients, one-by-one (see the list of conditions treated above) and now we are offering it to everyone we meet.

TGR is saving our clients thousands of dollars on supplements, lab testing, medical visits and sick leave. People are getting 100% well.

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While FODMAP, AIP and other elimination diets have been clinically proven to relieve IBS and autoimmune symptoms, they are costly and difficult to sustain long-term.

Prebiotic foods are wonderful when you have more good than bad bacteria. A diet rich in prebiotic foods or supplements feeds the good and the bad microbes and can make a gut condition worse.

TGR kills the bad guys first, then feeds the good guys and repairs the gut tissue quickly and permanently.

Our Personal Experience:

We talk about GI things all day every day. Advance apologies if this is TMI.

EH: “I pride myself in caring for my gut. I follow the traditional rules for soaking, sprouting and souring. I brew my own kombucha and make my own coconut yogurt, sourdough, sauerkraut, and beer. If it’s fermentable, it is on my table and in my gut. I am the queen of bone broth, and prebiotics. Last year I got a nasty bug that I couldn’t kick that my herbs and potions didn’t touch. I resorted to an antibiotic - which worked and for which I am grateful! For the next 3 months my gut got progressively angry with symptoms of gas, bloating, reflux, weight gain — you name it. I learned about TGR in a continuing education program series and decided to be my own guinea pig. Within 2 weeks my gut was peaceful, my mood was calm and my symptoms gone.”

AK: “I’ve spent a lifetime battling asthma. Throughout my childhood and young adult life I was given pills and inhalers and told this was something I would just to have to live with. It turns out, years of antibiotics as a young child completely destroyed my gut bacteria and turned my gut into a sieve. My immune system reacted to almost everything. Simply the act of eating exacerbated my asthma.

Once I discovered nutrition, I rebelled against the notion that “dis-ease” was normal. I used elimination diets, herbs, supplements (you name it) to try and heal the damage to my gut. At one point, I pretty much had my asthma kicked… and then started having babies. I could no longer sustain a strict elimination diet and eventually my asthma returned with a vengeance.  My gut reverted back to the mess it was in before. I could feel my chest tighten EVERY time I ate, I was so bloated I looked like I was 6 months pregnant, and everything in my body hurt. Like, EH, I learned about TGR through a continuing education program and my mind was immediately blown. I knew I had to try it for myself. Within 2-3 weeks, I could eat without immediately starting to wheeze, I no longer looked like I had a basketball under my shirt after every meal, and my baseline achiness started to lift. I’ve known for years that my gut was driving my health issues, but I didn’t have the tools to fix it until now. I am beyond grateful.”

What is TGR?

TGR is a 9-12 week protocol (time depends on how long you take to titrate up to full dose) of a probiotic, a prebiotic drink (prebiotic feed the probiotic) and a protein drink (to heal the gut lining). You start with one at a time, work up to full dose, add the next and repeat. The max you will take per day is 2 scoops of powder in water and 2 pills.

TGR balances your microbiome (all the bugs - good and bad - that live in your gut), heals your gut and resolves many disease symptoms. It is treating the foundational cause of disease.

There is not a special diet to follow, however, our free class offers tips for a happy gut.