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"Frustrated with Weight Loss programs that weren't reducing anything except my good mood, I called Esther Hansen at Fort Collins Weight Loss, thinking I needed one-on-one coaching to maintain dieting vigilance. After the first session, I was instead freed from being 'vigilant,' freed from diets themselves, and free to enjoy food again. Rather effortlessly, I began to eat less junk and started eating foods my body says it wants whenever I'm hungry. My cravings for junk food diminished greatly, I stopped overeating, and within a few weeks, I had to take my clothes in. I think I'm at a good weight, but I don't weigh myself anymore! And I feel at peace with food -- I don't even have to think about counting anything, which frees up a lot of brain space for other things. Esther humbled me: I thought I knew what I needed to know about nutrition, but she gave me newer, more powerful information to help me make more satisfying food choices and trust my own body. I don't go to see her often because I learn so much from each session, but I will never again diet -- food is too wonderful for that, and nutrition is far too complex to adhere to the 'fewer calories means less weight “dogma."

- Amy 


"Recently diagnosed with diabetes with an A1C reading of 11.9%, I sought Esther's help with managing the condition. I found myself to be without direction and wanting to minimize or even eliminate the new medications I had been put on. The physician who diagnosed me have me no advice outside that medication and the word that my goal was to have my A1c below 7%.

The first time I met with Esther she gave me some valuable tools in the way of knowledge of diabetes, how different foods affected it, and how exercise effected it. After an hour or so of consult, I left energized and looking forward to working on myself with my newfound tools.

My next doctor's appointment found improvement. My A1c had dropped to 8.9%. With the change, I was excited when the doctor came in, but became quickly discouraged when I found him to be disappointed that my number was not below 7%. Esther and I met again and she gave me more ideas and gave me badly needed encouragement.

Now, 2 months later, my most recent A1c has come back. It is 6.9%! I had no idea what to do before talking to Esther. Meal planning, guidance with exercise, understanding of the disease, it was empowering to have the knowledge to combat diabetes.

Esther is highly knowledgeable in nutrition and how the body and reacts to food, medical conditions, and exercise. With her as an integral part of my healthcare team, I feel like I have found my footing and am able to continue to fight my medical condition until the best possible results are achieved. Her expertise has been priceless."

- Rhiannon 


"I Feel Like an Athlete Again

This morning I was reading some news about the Broncos, and saw that Chris Kuper is back in pads after 18 months of dealing with severe injuries.  His most revealing comment was 'I feel like a football player again.'

I can hear the joy in that statement, I can feel the relief, and I can sense the hope.  It is the same joy, and relief, and hope that I feel when, after losing 50 pound of unwanted fat, I can now say, 'I feel like an athlete again.'

Notice that I did not say I AM an athlete again.  While gaining over well over 100 unwanted pounds, I have also been adding slowly adding numerous inactive years (up to 69) -- so becoming 'an athlete' may not exactly be in my cards.  Still, 'feeling athletic' is a Truth -- and a Huge Gift -- and one that I relish and enjoy daily as I move and breathe better with each pound I lose.  

What is different now?  -- not a lot.  I am not on a softball team.  I'm not on a basketball team.  I have not yet dusted off my golf clubs, and I am still just 'watching' football.  I have always mowed the lawn, pulled the weeds, cleaned the house and driven wherever I go.  I still do, and I am still s-l-o-w.  The main difference is, 'I feel like an athlete again.'  I breathe easier, I move more smoothly, I feel joy and relief and hope simply because my clothes are loose, my balance is better, my gait is more normal, and my energy is greater. Come to think of it, maybe that is a LOT. 

Like many others, I have been losing and gaining weight for many years.  I have taken care of a normal husband, a wonderful son, an aging mother, and a growing grandson -- and have done it well -- but unfortunately, I have not taken very good care of myself.   

When my grandson moved to be with his Dad last fall, I committed to healthier eating, more exercise, and needed weight loss.  Or perhaps I should say, I 'sorta' committed.  After Christmas I re-committed, bought a new book and through a variety of mis-steps, I met Esther Hansen, RD.

I like her, and I feel accepted and liked and applauded by her.  That is a good place to start.  I feel like she KNOWS -- whatever I ask her, she knows the answers -- and she also shares answers to questions I don't even ask.  Esther is very savvy.  Of course, being me, I don't always agree with what she knows -- but that is always OK with her -- and that too, has been good.  Esther has been most helpful to me.    

Esther says I can eat anything I want -- but eating LOTS of vegetables, a few fruits, a little protein, fewer carbs and some fat will be the best choice for weight loss.  She says I should not deprive myself completely of any food.  She says I can eat any time I am middle-hungry, and I don't have to measure.  Except for veggies, I should refrain from huge portions and should tell myself that, if I am not satisfied, I can have seconds -- in about an hour.  :) "

- Yertle


"For me, the emphasis has been on healthful and deliberate eating practices rather than than weight loss. The weight loss is a needed side effect, but the most important thing for me is feeling better and sleeping better due to the deliberate (not always easy) healthful eating choices.

I appreciate her approach that includes no condemnation for my current bad eating habits, no condemnation when I slip back into bad habits.  Rather she appropriately points me to a healthier approach."

 - Ray, Ph.D.


"Esther has been extremely helpful in teaching me how to eat better.  She does not tell me not to eat certain foods but how to make better food choices and to eat foods in combination with other foods, example is protein with fiber, etc.  She has taught me how my eating habits effect sleep, energy and well-being.  Her style is one of encouragement which I greatly appreciate. 

- Margena