Letter to A Favorite Client

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Dear M—,

It was great to hear from you today and reconnect. I remember the day I first met you.  My heart broke to see you struggling to lose weight while maintaining sanity and self-respect.  You had tried every diet in existence and had lost weight only to gain it back.  You felt like a failure and that seeped over into every other aspect of your life, even though, from the outside looking in, you were - and are - a fabulous success.  Meeting with me was your last resort.  A hundred light bulbs went off when I realized at that moment that I could help you re-learn how to eat.  Together we created your individual nutritious diet that honored your body and that enabled you to reach and sustain your natural weight.  I can’t believe it has already been 5 years and that you’ve maintained your natural weight.  You are a stunning, graceful, powerful woman! You’re the reason I can’t wait to jump out of bed and get to work every morning.

I know that you want to feel comfortable in your own skin and to be proud of your success.  I understand the challenges you face, like ceaseless demands on your time and money.  I’ve been there!  Personally, I have lost a significant amount of weight and have learned how to maintain it.  Professionally, have helped over 1000 clients overcome similar challenges. Understanding your experience is the reason I created Ft. Collins Weight Loss & Nutrition.

Here’s how it works:  We meet for an initial 60-minute appointment.  I take time to get to know YOU – your successes, challenges and vision of health and wellbeing.  Based on those goals we can map out the best strategy for you including action steps and gentle accountability.  We will customize our time together to best serve you and to propel you towards your best life and healthiest self.  And we will celebrate along the way. 

My door is always open.  You can contact me anytime with any questions and when you are ready to dive in.  Phone 970.430.5489, E-mail esther@ftcollinsweightloss.com

The best is yet to be!

Esther, RDN