Will The Keto Diet Work for Me?

nutritionist Keto diet plan

Our diet philosophy has always focused on unprocessed, one-ingredient foods - especially regarding carbs. Carbs aren’t inherently bad - morally or physically. Each person has a varying ability to process carbs (based on genetics and lifestyle) and so the amount and type of carbs individuals can tolerate vary. Some thrive on very high carbohydrate diets, others thrive on very low carb diets (keto).

We help you custom create a diet that works for you long term. We take into account your current diet, your relationship with food, your health conditions, medications/supplements, level of physical activity and what has worked for you in the past. We encourage small changes (i.e., improving the quality of carbs and gradually decreasing the amount of carbs) until you experience positive benefits.

We are huge proponents of a therapeutic keto diet for seizure disorders, memory disorders, diabetes, insulin resistance, PCOS and fatty liver disease.

We are not proponents of keto diet for quick weight loss nor do we believe that the majority of people need to be in ketosis 24/7 to see its benefits.

There are contraindications to keto, i.e., certain genetics, pregnancy, lactation, medications, lack of a gallbladder, adrenal burnout, history of an eating disorder, etc. There are really unhealthy and even dangerous ways to do keto and there are more balanced approaches to keto.

Don’t go at it uninformed, don’t go at it alone. Reach out for a consultation on the pros and cons. Make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed.