How I Grocery Shop at Home

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Grocery Shop Home Delivery Review

I used to dread grocery shopping on Saturdays or Sundays with all the other weekend warriors and have spent the last year trying a variety of shop at home programs in an effort to stay out of the stores.

Friends, I'm here to report that it is possible to drastically reduce or even eliminate trips to the grocery store! Read below for the pros and cons of each.

What ultimately works for my family is ordering from Door to Door Organics every other week (produce, dairy and bread), purchasing specialty items from Thrive Market (bath and body products, coconut milk, coconut oil, specialty salts and sugars, etc.) and making a Costco run (meat, cheese, nuts and oils) every 6-8 weeks.

The result? I spend less on impulse buys, eat 100% organic and non-GMO for the same price or less than I used to spend in the store. The best part is that I have time on the weekend to socialize with friends and family.

Call or e-mail me to for help figuring out a plan that fits your family.

Oh, by the way, I now accept United Healthcare and Poudre School District's EAP.

1. Thrive Market vs. Amazon Pantry (Thrive wins!) Thrive Market is an online market for shelf-stable health products. They have a yearly membership fee similar to Costco.

- Pros - Your first order is discounted plus free shipping Free shipping on future orders over $49 They often add free items into the cart $25 per friend referral program Non-profit program that helps bring health food access low SES demographics Prices are better than local health food stores Site is easy to navigate with multiple filters, i.e., "organic," "non-GMO" Minimalist, recyclable packaging to lower environmental impact

- Cons - Membership is $60 per year. Tip: I asked for a discount and they discounted 50%

Amazon Pantry is part of Amazon Prime but for food and household items. I am an Amazon fan, but not for household products. I find it difficult to locate the items with their search engine, their prices are extremely high and Prime free shipping doesn't extend to Pantry items.

Keep an eye out for Amazon Fresh which may come to Ft. Collins soon.

2. Door to Door Organics is a local company that is part CSA (community supported agriculture) part grocery store delivered to your door. They base the delivery on a box of organic, seasonal produce. You can customize your box or be adventurous and try something new. You add other groceries as needed.

- Pros - 100% organic Competitive prices (except for meat) Makes you eat more produce Excellent customer service Free delivery for purchases over $75 They offer Morning Fresh Dairy so you can combine these deliveries into one Enormous selection Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging Options for pre-made meals Many recipes to print and add ingredients to cart for simple planning Excellent packaging for food safety Pause anytime for vacations or to shop farmer's markets in the summer Recurring orders allow you to never run out of staples like eggs and bread

- Cons - Site confusing to navigate at first You can only shop from Friday through Sunday ONE delivery day option for Ft. Collins (Mondays)

3. Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron (I didn't like either...) Hello Fresh and Blue Apron are dinner subscription sites. They send you a box of pre-portioned ingredients and recipes. You cook and eat. Blue Apron was better but expensive. If you are still interested, I can e-mail you a coupon for $40 off your first box.

- Pros - You don't have to plan dinner or worry about missing ingredients Cheaper than a personal chef

- Cons - Food safety - the boxes are shipped long distances and the meat arrived at unsafe temps Environmental impact w/excess packaging Low quality ingredients, non-organic Confusing, time-consuming recipes You still have to purchase breakfast and lunch foods

4. King Soopers Home Shop vs. Wal-Mart Home Delivery (King Soopers wins!) Simply order online and have pick up curb-side ($5) or have delivered to your home ($10).

- Pros - Order online at your convenience Both sites easy to navigate Everything available in the store is available for delivery You can use coupons and apps to get the same in-store savings King Soopers has some of the best local produce available in our area Wal-Mart services communities on the outskirts of town Wal-Mart delivery is cheaper ($5-$7)

- Cons - I'm not a fan of the quality or selection of Wal-Mart's produce or foods Someone else is picking out your produce


5. Wunderjuice. I've always recommended Wunderjuice for local, organic vegetable juices, nut milks and bone broth delivered to your home or office for free. Now they offer clean, whole food comfort foods such as pot pies, meatballs, quick breads (all gluten-free and dairy free). This is much cheaper than a personal chef, there is no long-term commitment and it is DELICIOUS.

In summary...think outside the box! Try what works for your family. Being healthy doesn't have to be costly or time consuming. However, it ALL comes down to planning. No matter the course you choose, pre-planning is pivotal for staying on course.

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