How to Change Your Life

nutritionist keto diet

Isn't it inspiring seeing people reject gimmicky crash diets in lieu of honest, hard work? Changing your life isn't easy but it's worth it!  From an article I found in Elle (link below - a must-read):  

"So, I promised myself two things:
1. I would never look back, only forward.
2. I had to live kindly. For me, living kindly meant moving away from self-shaming, celebrating all goals and milestones no matter how small and focusing on the positive in every situation. There would be no diet, no fads and no quick fixes."

"My approach to nutrition is simple — the less processed, the better. I try to choose foods in their most pure form. Canned or packaged typically equates to added and unecessary sodium and sugar, which can mean cankles and headaches if I consume too much of either. Overall, I don’t follow a true diet or meal plan but I have loosely adopted Meatless Mondays and go raw a few meals a week, which always make me feel lighter. Once or twice a month, or when I travel and want to try something new, I indulge moderately. But I only indulge on really good things. Like, a slice of pizza in Italy, wine tasting in Napa Valley or a birthday dinner with friends. Be picky — it’s your body!"

You go, girl!