Back by popular demand - our second class.  Please join!

Back by popular demand - our second class. Please join!

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Gain Peace not weight online mini course

Savor food & friends

Holiday eating norms are “eat drink and be merry...” but don’t gain weight.

For dieters, this double standard leads to:

  • Weight gain that you never lose

  • Feeling isolated by dietary restrictions

  • Distrusting your body

  • Disliking your body

  • Lack of self-control

  • Oppressive Guilt

  • Self-judgement

  • Emotional overeating

  • Social pressure to eat and drink (or to refrain from eating and drinking)

  • Letdown when the holidays are suddenly over

  • Shame

  • Resolve to start a new diet on January 1st


Yes! You Can Quit Sugar (& Fast-Carbs too)!

Back by popular demand! We had a dedicated group of 18 men, women and teenagers complete this program in Fall 2016.  Their dedication led to phenomenal outcomes!  Alumni loved the group dynamics and the individual coaching so much that many want to join again.  We also have a list of people who couldn't attend in fall asking us to launch the program it is!  


*Class Closed*

Join us for a 16-week hybrid (in-person &/or virtual) in-depth coaching program to help you moderate sugar and fast-carbs forever.  


What is included in the class?

  • Initial 60 minute, one-on-one session to meet your coach and customize program to your individual health needs and goals

  • Additional one-on-one sessions, pantry sweeps or grocery store tours at discounted rate - the lesser of insurance rate or $65 per hour.

  • 4 sample meal plans/menus

  • Every other week (10 a.m to noon) anthropometric screening, health topic presentation and health coach Q&A session

  • 8 free body composition

  • Every other week nutrition conference via Google Hangouts and recorded podcasts Mondays at noon

  • Weekly, 15-minute check-in/menu analysis (phone or e-mail)

  • Weekly E-Mails with recipes and follow up discussions

  • Though no supplements are recommended or required for this program, should you need a vitamin or fish oil we can order for you at a 20% discount

  • Coupons and special offers from local health companies upon completion of program

Why 16 weeks?

We encourage gradual change vs. quitting sugar cold-turkey.  This is a gentler, more sustainable approach. 

We have just made it through the most sugar-laden time of year from Halloween through the New Year.  Sugar is pervasive in our culture and difficult to weed out!  We want to make sure you have the tools and support needed to make lasting behavior and environmental change. 

[Spoiler Alert!]  What Types of Concepts are Covered?  

  • Why Quit Sugar?

  • Am I Really Addicted?

  • Meal Plans

  • Breakfast Recipes

  • Dessert Recipes

  • Snack Recipes

  • Safe Sweeteners

  • Healthy Fats Guide

  • Pantry Detox Guide

  • Healthy Drink Ideas

  • What About Alcohol?

  • Grocery Shopping Guide

  • Meal Planning Tips

  • Mindful Eating

  • Label Reading

  • Condiment Guide

  • ...and more!

What Can I Expect as an Outcome?

This is not a weight loss class, but clients that have gone through this curriculum with me have reported the following:

  • Weight Loss

  • Flatter Belly

  • Better Quality Sleep

  • Increased Energy

  • Lower Blood Sugar & A1C

  • Weaning off Meds (with MD's Supervision and Blessing!)

  • Less Pain, Inflammation & Gout

  • More In-Tune with Hunger and Fullness

  • Feeling in Control of Appetite, Cravings and Food Choices

  • Better Mood

  • Clearer Skin

  • Improved Memory and Mental Clarity

  • Money Savings by Eating In

  • Increased Motivation and Energy to Exercise

  • Feeling Empowered and Able with Food

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of the 16-week coaching course is $600, billed in 4-$150 increments on the 6th of each month.  

Add your spouses for an addition $50 per month.  

If you refer a friend, we credit you $25 per friend - no referral limits. 

Will My Insurance Pay?

This program qualifies for the $500 Lifestyle Management Reimbursement Credit offered through the City of Ft. Collins as well as the Larimer County's medical insurance plans.  We will do all the paperwork for you!

Few insurances (except above mentioned) pay for classes.  However, your health insurance may pay for additional one-on-one sessions with the dietitians as needed throughout the program.  We will give you an itemized receipt at the end of the class to submit for reimbursement.

Will the Dates Match my Schedule?  

This class is designed to match your schedule and is a combination or virtual and/or face-to-face visits.  

Week 1: February 4-12

Saturday Session Feb 4, 10a-12p

Individual Appointments, schedule weekly coaching calls


Week 2: February 13-19

Saturday Session Feb 18, 10a-12p

Individual Appointments, schedule weekly coaching calls


Week 3: February 20-26

Zoom Webinar Feb. 20, 12:15-12:45p

Coaching Calls


Week 4: February 27-March 5

Saturday Session Mar 4, 10a-12p

Coaching Calls


Week 5: March 6-12

Zoom Webinar Mar 6, 12:15-12:45p

Coaching Calls


Week 6: March 13-19

Saturday Session Mar 18, 10a-12p

Coaching Calls


Week 7: March 20-26

Zoom Webinar Mar 20, 12:15-12:45p

Coaching Calls


Week 8: March 27-April 2

Saturday Session Ap 1, 10a-12p

Coaching Calls


Week 9: April 3-9

Zoom Webinar Ap 3, 12:15-12:45p

Coaching Calls


Week 10: April 10-16

Saturday Session Ap 15, 10a-12p

Coaching Calls


Week 11: April 17-23

Zoom Webinar Ap 17, 12:15-12:45p

Coaching Calls


Week 12: April 24-30

Coaching Calls


Week 13: May 1-7

Saturday Session May 6, 10a-12p

Coaching Calls


Week 14: May 8-14

Zoom Webinar May 8, 12:15-12:45p

Coaching Calls


Week 15: May 15-21

Saturday Session May 20, 10a-12p

Coaching Calls


Week 16: May 22-28

Zoom Webinar May 22, 12:15-12:45p

Coaching Calls


How Do I Enroll?

Call Esther at 970-430-5489 or e-mail  Please note, I am in the office M, T, W & F and will reply within 24 business hours.  

Juicing CLASS

Ft Collins Weight Loss & Nutrition Class


Bone Broth Soup Class

Update:  This class was recorded and is available online!

We tell all our patients to make soup broth at home for GI healing and culinary delight.  Come learn how and why.  

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> poster graphics Katapult Creative

Habit Formers 12-Week Workshop

We are ecstatic to offer a self-paced group workshop that combines nutrition, exercise and change psychology.  Don't miss it!  Class limited to the first 12 who register.  

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Intuitive Eating 12-Week Workshop 

Make Peace with Food...Nourish YourSELF

Classes led by Esther Hansen, RD, RDN and Josie Dove, MA, LP-C.  (Occasionally offered as a 4-day course)

You will understand more about:

  • What "kind" of eater you are

  • Could you really be addicted to food?

  • What is "Intuitive Eating"?

  • How can you honor your hunger and make peace with food?

  • Nourishing self vs. willpower

  • How to work with your metabolism not against it

  • Why dieting increases your risk of gaining more weight

  • How to set goals and stick with the

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Fun with Food 6-Week Workshop

A lighthearted approach to nutrition and weight loss

Dieting is a dreaded chore and diet's don't work!  Instead of dieting, take a playful, curiosity-based approach to food - the way children learn.  Join us for a down-to-earth, practical workshop where you will learn how to eat well, move your body and motivate yourself.  We will practice creative techniques for planning and preparing great food.  Laugh and learn with friends in a safe, supportive environment.  

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