Fort Collins Weight Loss & Nutrition Counselor Esther Hansen
We believe in real food and real behavior change. We are looking forward to walking beside you and watching you grow as a whole person. Welcome to our community!

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

Esther Hansen is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) whose passion is to help Ft. Collins residents lose weight, gain energy and beat disease. She believes that a healthy diet and lifestyle is the first line therapy for preventing or reversing disease.  She is a certified First Line Therapy (FLT) provider which means she is highly trained in wellness coaching and specializes in weight loss.  She has helped hundreds of patients successfully lose weight, maintain weight loss and reverse disease via nutrition.  

As for consulting work, Esther has contracted with with local and national agencies such as the Larimer County Health Department, Poudre Valley Hospital System/University of Colorado Health, Columbine Health Systems, Benchmark Medical Group, Poudre Valley REA, The Chiropractic Wellness Center, Town & Country Foods, Orthopedic Center of the Rockies, Noble Energy, The Health District,  and more.

Esther loves good food and wine - especially when shared with friends.  She believes healthy food does not have to be expensive or difficult to prepare.  Getting help through nutrition therapy doesn't have to be expensive either!  She bills insurance making consults inexpensive or even free for you and walks beside you as you lose weight and transform your life.    

(Excerpt from Esther's weight loss class), "Listen, you are not alone. We live in a culture that is designed to make us fat.  It can be a constant struggle to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We are right there with you!  Even though we are registered dietitian nutritionists who are well educated and qualified to help you lose weight, we are also fellow human beings that share your struggles. We do not believe in quick-fixes, hCG or meal replacements. We believe in real food and real behavior change.  We are looking forward to walking beside you for the next 12 weeks as cheering as you transform your health, free yourself from diet traps and grow as a whole person.  Welcome to our community!"

Kayla Thorngate is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and a firm believer that food has the power to treat and prevent disease as well as improve our lives.  Her nutrition philosophy is "everything in moderation" and encourages her clients to build positive relationships with food, ditch the calorie counting and dieting mentality and enjoy real, whole foods.  Yes- that can mean enjoying a glass of wine or sweet treat from time to time!  She belives there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to healthy eating and works with her clients to meet their individual needs and goals by making real behavior changes that will lead to healthier, more enriched lives. 

Kayla desires to teach others how to eat real, healthful foods in a manner that is scientifically proven to improve health outcomes.  Her work with clients is centered on increasing knowledge of nutrition, recognizing personal strengths and weaknesses, using mindfulness and setting realistic goals.  Her areas of interest go beyond weight management to include intestinal health, women's health, fertility, lactation and pediatrics.  

Kayla believes that good health begins with how we are cared for in the womb and good nutrition from the very beginning helps set a new life in the right direction.  One of her true passions is working with new mothers and mommies-to-be, teaching them how to nourish their own bodies and and those of their families.  She specializes in pediatric nutrition and lactation and as a certified lactation counselor (CLC) she works with new mothers to support all areas of their breastfeeding journey.  When Kayla is not in the office she enjoys spending time outdoors gardening with her husband and playing with their new Australian Shepherd puppy.  


Letter to future patient:

Dear Mary,

It was great to hear from you today and reconnect. I remember the day I first met you.  My heart broke to see you struggling to lose weight while maintaining sanity and self-respect.  You had tried every diet in existence and had lost weight only to gain it back.  You felt like a failure and that seeped over into every other aspect of your life, even though, from the outside looking in, you were - and are - a fabulous success.  Meeting with me was your last resort.  A hundred light bulbs went off when I realized at that moment that I could help you re-learn how to eat.  Together we created your individual nutritious diet that honored your body and that enabled you to reach and sustain your natural weight.  I can’t believe it has already been 5 years and that you’ve maintained your natural weight.  You are a stunning, graceful, powerful woman! You’re the reason I can’t wait to jump out of bed and get to work every morning.

I know that you want to feel comfortable in your own skin and to be proud of your success.  I understand the challenges you face, like ceaseless demands on your time and money.  I’ve been there!  Personally, I have lost a significant amount of weight and have learned how to maintain it.  Professionally, have helped over 250 clients overcome similar challenges. Understanding your experience is the reason I created Ft. Collins Weight Loss & Nutrition.

Here’s how it works:  We meet for an initial, 90-minute appointment.  I take time to get to know YOU – your successes, challenges and vision of health and wellbeing.  Based on those goals we can map out the best strategy for you including action steps and gentle accountability.  We will customize our time together to best serve you and to propel you towards your best life and healthiest self.  And we will celebrate along the way. 

My door is always open.  You can contact me anytime with any questions and when you are ready to dive in.  Phone 970.430.5489, E-mail

The best is yet to be!

Esther, RDN